This one was a short day-trip to the beach, but quite enjoyable. We started early in the morning. We were there by 9. Played frisbee for a while, nothing too fancy, just passing it around. And once we had enough, it was water time. We took a dip in the ocean. Played some frisbee in there (guess we didn’t have enough of it). Swam around for quite a while.

We chose to go to a less popular beach, the Buckroe beach. It was quite uninhabited when we got there. But it filled quite quickly. Not so unpopular after all. After the swim though, we were quite exhausted and hungry. SO we sought out a store and got ourselves a recipe for a picnic. We headed to another part of the beach in the Grandview isles natural preserve. Too bad we couldn’t find a place to sit and picnic. We had to head back to the Buckroe beach and we had the picnic out on the deck at the beach.

Post lunch, it was mostly relaxing on the beach, taking it all in. We were kicked off of the deck because it was reserved for a private event, even though no one had shown up. So, to avoid the heat and sun, we moved UNDER the deck. I hung out by the edge of the water just staring off at the wooden bars under the deck and the water hitting up the shore. (Pictures below).

We were almost ready to leave when we had the desire to go for another swim. And so we did. Awesome, again. So what if I had to dry off in the sun because I’d forgotten my towel in the car, the swim was worth it. And a mini photo session later, we were on our way back. The ride on the way back was even more interesting to me. I learned the game called “contact”. What an awesome game. I was just amazed and is by far the best travel game I’ve ever come across.

Thanks John, Ervis and Shweta for all the fun.

My next adventure – July 4 weekend

-Akshar Rawal

P.S. More pictures later