Our first hike around Richmond. Found this amazing blog about day hikes near Richmond, VA and took up the challenge.

Located about 2 hours west of Richmond, the fire trail is the back trail to the Old Rag mountain. It features a moderate level of difficulty, with most part of the hike seemingly “man-made”. It contains a few view points on the way including the “Byrd’s nest”, which is a camping spot. No camping is permitted beyond that point. One place to explore is right behind the Byrd’s nest. It is an optional view point awaiting to be explored. However, it does require some amount of rock-climbing experience. It falls on the verge of difficult in terms of difficulty of reaching.

But the hike is worth it for the amazing view you get on reaching the top. If you’re in luck, you can also spot some birds while at the top. And you can also take a nap under the rocks. It gives a nice 360 view of the whole area. Check out some pics from the trail below.

And thanks to my roommate William Bailey for the fun hike.

Our next adventure – Spy Rock hike

-Akshar Rawal