So after the nap in the car, we were all pumped up to watch the fireworks. But before that, we just had one more thing to do. Ashwini was feeling a bit sore in the back and had to get something from the pharmacy. If you feel lost, you might want to start at July 4 weekend.

Anyways, Ashwini needed something, so we head on out to the closest CVS. It was out in Lewiston, about 5 miles out of the falls area. Now hang on, believe me, the story IS going somewhere and this has a part in it.

So Ashwini gets a spray, and me and Carl got a tub of ice-cream for while we watch the fireworks. And we went to the dollar store besides it to get some spoons. We had observed people setting up outside the sopping center for something. So we ask the cashier as to what was going on. As it turned out, they were going to have fireworks there too. But anyways, we had to head back to the falls to get a decent place to watch the fireworks. So we play soccer for a while in the parking lot and leave.

On the way back, we see cars parked on the side and median of the highway and we were intrigued. We stopped and asked people there. They were also setting up to see the same fireworks. And our plan to see the fireworks by the falls suddenly changed. We decided to do it “local-style”. And guess what, we were not at all disappointed by our decision. We skipped the crowd, the traffic to get out of there after it and we got to enjoy it by the road sitting on the hood of the car, eating a tub of ice-cream. And the fireworks were equally awesome, if not better. It was amazing. And we were headed back to Carl’s place right after. The perfect end to the perfect day.

Well the excitement didn’t end there. Check out on the way back to normal life for the next part of our trip.

-Akshar Rawal