So, it’s a new day. We head out for the falls. We wondered, it was going to be a long day and how long could it take to cover the falls part. So we stopped at the visitor center to ask about hikes around the area and also get an idea about the fireworks. They were really helpful and provided some good suggestions.

So we were headed to the falls. And a grave problem presents itself…dum dum dum….PARKING. We went around the area a couple times and ended up parking behind the Seneca hotel and casino. So then we start walking towards the falls. Interesting fire hoses in the falls area. We found one made into a dog, another one made into a minion and a third made into a police dog or maybe Doctor who police box(?).

We took the way less travelled to get to the falls. Crossed a couple bridges over the river, took a small hike by the river. And finally, there it was, one of the amazing wonders of the world, the Niagara Falls. You can just feel all the force and the thrust of all that water hitting the rocks below. Given that the Canada side has a better view and we were on the US side. But the viewing spot is so close to the falls that you can see where it all starts, up close. And it’s amazing. We hung out there for a while, feeling the mist coming our way.

We then decided to take the Maid of the Mist ride into the center of the fall mist. We get into the line and an hour later, bam…we were on the boat that was to take us there and we were at the front edge of the boat, right by the flag pole, ready to take it all in. We were there, in the middle of it all, and it was amazing. Luckily, there wasn’t much water coming our way. So, I was able to get a complete panorama and a video right in the middle of the mist. Definitely wasn’t expecting that. And it was worth it.

On the way back, we happened to run into a group of people with fancy clothing. It looked like they were dressed up for something, but they were just hanging out. So it felt awkward asking them if they were actually dressed for something. So, we just stood there for a while. In the mean-time, another group was walking by and they asked them about their dressing. As it turned out they were dressed as some of the people that had a history of firsts pertaining to the Falls. One of them was the first woman to zipline walk across the falls. Another one was the captain of the original maid of the mist ship that went into the river rapids downstream. A third was the person who got the government to preserve the land as a natural reserve and prevent its industrialization. It was an interesting group of people and we got some snaps with them.

Yeah it was all fun, and we were having a nice time. But food, ah the lunch at Swagat restaurant. We sit by a couple of couples, we exchange looks and we dig into our food. Also, amazing. We were so exhausted, especially after the food, that we just went back to our car and slept in it for like 45 mins, with the windows down and wind through our hair. Waking up, we were off onto the next segment of our journey. Check out some of the pics from the falls below.

And checkout the next segment of our trip @ the night of celebrations

-Akshar Rawal