A lot of ground to cover on this one. So much fun, so much exciting stuff happening all around, quite a drive and July 4 celebrations @ Niagara.

I started off with a ride to Philly to pick up Ashwini, who was here on a business trip with his firm. Didn’t spend too much time in Philly but straight went to Carl’s place in Planesboro, NJ. He was there doing his co-op. We stayed the night at his place and left for Niagara early in the morning. Well we didn’t quite leave right away. We actually got coffee at the one coffee place in the town. Not quite the coffee, but good enough I suppose.

Anyways, on we were to Niagara. But instead of doing the falls part, we instead decided to hike near the area. We were initially thinking of doing Niagara on the lake, but that didn’t pan out. We ended up choosing to go to an Island just outside of Buffalo.

We were almost there  when we saw soccer fields just off of the highway and we were intrigued. We ended up playing soccer for a while with total strangers (not that it was the first time, but in a totally strange city, well that was a first). So we played soccer for a while and then headed on to the island we were planning to go to.

Gotta say quite a disappointment, the island. But nothing could get into the way of us having fun could it. We ended up relaxing by the “lake/ocean” and fooling around. And this was just the beginning of our journey. We ended our day there, had dinner and headed back to our hotel.  There was much more exciting stuff to come, which I capture in the other pages dedicated to this trip.

Check out our Day @ Niagara.

Stay tuned for more!

-Akshar Rawal