Following in the footsteps of this blog, we next visited the Crab-tree falls. A short hike again, 1.7 miles to the top of the falls. There’s 2 ways do do the hike. One, start at the parking lot at the top of the falls. Two, start at the bottom of the falls. The former is about a mile more than the latter.

We started at the bottom, because you know, we wanted to hang out with a beautiful view at the top of the mountain. Don’t get me wrong, we did. You’ll see. However, not getting ahead of ourselves. We started at the bottom of the falls. The hike takes you through a total of 5 cascades of the fall. Two of them are particularly beautiful.

The hike was particularly soggy, given the rainfall earlier that day. It did give us some challenge. If it weren’t for the soggy trail, I’d say it’s an easy hike. (It was still pretty easy.). The volume of water through the falls was still less than what the falls could hold. We could see the outlines made by water that’d have flown there at some point in the past year or so.

Reaching the top of the falls, we weren’t quite satisfied with the hike. We’d read somewhere that the same hike could be extended to reach the Spy rock. Remember spy rock? So, we tried to make ourselves a trail. Too bad it ended in bushes. So we headed back the trail we had just formed, changed directions and ended up on an island on the stream. And that took us to the hike that extended to the parking lot at the top of the falls, about a mile into it.

We talked to some hikers that we met at the parking lot, asking directions to the Spy rock. Well turns out, the trail did extend there. But, we’d have to hike for another mile to meet the “Appalachian trail”. Then Spy rock was another 4-5 miles from there. So, we decided not to pursue it that day, time constraints and all. But we ran into a group of butterflies, just basking in the sun after the rain. They just lay there, let us take pictures up close. I even had one open it’s wings for some pictures and it obliged. Pictures inbound.

Anyway, we headed back to the top of the falls. It had a nice sitting place, with a view of the valley. You could hear the falls in the background. We napped there and it was so peaceful and awesome. As it got late, there was lesser foot traffic there and we moved closer to the stream and we lay by it for another half hour or so. Then we headed back down. I finally got to enjoy the summit this time.

To join me in the fun were Charlie and Tyler. Thanks, you guys!

-Akshar Rawal