My travels during my internship with Capital One during the Summer of ’15 out in Richmond, VA.

First, around the city. The very first day there, I had a tour of parts of the city with a totally random person (not so random anymore). Turns out he was going to the same college that I did. It took an internship for us to meet. He was also a fellow intern with Capital One.

Richmond is a beautiful city. It has the right mix of human development and nature. It’s located on the banks of the James river. It has quite an industrial expanse. I ended up renting a place just outside of Richmond, Bon Air. Interestingly, it’s called Bon Air, because people moved away from the industrial developments, off to good air or “Bon” air. We visited the Virginia War memorial located on the West edge of the city. We took walk on the Robert E. Lee bridge and ended up below the bridge in a small gathering place amongst the rocks on the river bed. Quite peaceful and calming.

On the way back, I saw my friend scale up an almost flat 20 ft wall free-style. Quite entertaining to say the least and quite a feat. I had to go around the river on the thundering iron bridge, on which we had seen an ambulance struggle its way a while ago. It was quite the first day in the city. Check out some of the pics below from the day.

And thanks John Dugan for a fun first day in the city!

My next adventure – Old Rag mountain hike

-Akshar Rawal