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Dealing with the underminers

It’s not very uncommon to find people who undermine you for everything you do. If you don’t, you’re lucky (or unlucky, if it’s the right kind of people). However, it does take an emotional toll at times and it’s often better to deal with it before it gets to your nerves. But before you deal with it and before you lose your nerves, you should make sure that the person is actually socially undermining you. You know, the last thing you’d want is to embarrass yourself AND stop getting some good insights for improvements.

There’s ways to know for sure. A few of them…

1. See if they do it to others too.

2. You feel defensive around them as if you need to prove yourself.

3. They’re great at back handed comments, comments that are oddly insulting.

4. They seem to oversell themselves as caring and nurturing.

5. They tempt you and steer you from your goals with tempting options.

If you think you have someone that socially undermines you, you should likely deal with them, sooner rather than later. Now it depends on the type of person you are dealing with. Solutions can range from letting the person out of your life smoothly, to confronting them and either explaining your motives and decisions or understanding their point of view. You can read all about it over at lifehacker. They explain how to know if a person is undermining you and how to deal with the different kinds of social underminers.

-Akshar Rawal


Learn to do push-ups right

I recently started doing push ups the right way and I gotta say, its quite a challenge. But, only at first. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun. So how can you get to that phase where you start looking forward to it? Well there’s a few ways you can do it.

1. You can start with doing a small number of full push ups. You can learn it to do the right way here.

2. If you’re not able to do it the right way, no worries. You can start with doing negative push ups. What is that, you ask? Well its a partial push up. You just try to go down the right way. You don’t have to get back up the right way. Start from the “arms stretched” position and lower yourself slowly. Come back up any way comfortable. Over time, you should be able to even lift yourself the right way. Lowering yourself in a controlled fashion is the primary part of the push up.

3. Having trouble doing that too. There’s still another option. Elevated/inclined surfaces. Start on stairs or a table or a chair. Start there instead of the floor and work your way down.

For either option, there are apps out there that help you set a regime. I for one, use the 100 pushups app on android. Not the best one probably, but gets me by.

-Akshar Rawal

Texting lately? Check this out!

Excess of anything is bad. Everyone knows that. The same goes for texting. But how is it bad?

Check out the inforgraphic over at huffingtonpost that explains the effects of texting on your body.

-Akshar Rawal

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